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Most of us hear so much through out the day. We hear the types of entertainment we engage in. We listen to different people engaging in various conversations on many topics. The thoughts in our own heads. Some of us still hear things played over in our minds that took place many years ago. Perhaps the put downs of a family member or the taunting of a school mate. Today I want you to know that what you meditate on is playing a major role on your actions, behavior and will ultimately determine your DESTINY. The Lord Jesus Christ desires to LEAD his people by his right hand. Psalm 32:8. In order to do this we must be POSITIONED in a place daily where we can hear his voice as he speaks through his word. His word has the POWER to set us FREE from the past, lies and limitations that have been placed there through out the years. CHOOSE to BELIEVE and APPLY God's word to your thought life.

2 Corinthians 10:4. I HEAR the voice of my father leading his people to a place of VICTORY! Allow the Holy Spirit to be your helper, call upon the name of the Lord. He desires a personal strong relationship with you.

He has set me free from so many battles. I am now in love with his word and his PRESENCE and his VOICE. I wont respond to any more LIES or PUT DOWNS. What do you hear?

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