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When your season has passed in a job, ministry, church or relationship notice and stay alert you become irritable faster and you dont have the grace you once has when you first began. I am not saying to quit or let it go but I am saying there maybe a possibility you are in a TRANSITION. A door may be about to open for that job, ministry or church. For the relationship it may be time to cut off some of those relationships that are bearing no fruit in our lives. Be aware for we are in a TRANSITIONAL moment. It's important to MOVE when God wants us to MOVE. It's vital to our destiny that we don't allow ourselves to overstay our season. Renew your mind, seek his word and pray. watch the words you are declaring while you are in a transition for a wise person understands the season's in which they are in. After all there is a season for everything under the sun. Ecclesiastes 3

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