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"Awakened With Purpose"

You feel the desire everyday that you were created for so much MORE...BUT you continue to just think about it without making a CHOICE to GET UP and make a CHANGE. God has a PLAN that was DESTINED for you before the foundations of the world BUT WE must corporate with his PLAN and YIELD to that PURPOSE.

Without God in our lives the PURPOSE will NEVER be accomplished.

To live and walk in PURPOSE we must INTENTIONALLY be DETERMINED to make some adjustments to our schedules and make ROOM for the Lord's will in our lives.

You can start by ONE GOAL, ONE small adjustment BUT the message here today is to START TODAY doing something to AWAKEN your PURPOSE. May this CREATE a STIRRING within you to ARISE, TO AWAKEN and began to WALK, and MOVE towards GOD and you PURPOSE. HE LOVES US!

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